Registration FAQs


How do I apply?
Applying is a two-step process! Find your regional registration page here   From the registration page, click on the “ Register ” button. If you are not already signed in to the HBA website, you will be prompted to do so. On...
If I miss the registration deadline, can I still apply?
Once registration closes, it cannot be opened for those who miss the deadline.
If I miss the early bird rate, can I still get the early bird rate?
Once early bird registration closes, the regular pricing begins; no exceptions.
I registered for the mentoring program on the HBA event page. What is the next step?
Once you register for the program on the HBA registration page, you will automatically receive the link to the regional application that you must submit. The application takes about 10 minutes and will also be used to assign you to a mentoring circl...
I am between jobs. Can I get a discount on the mentoring fee?
Discounts for the mentoring program are not available but HBA does offer a assistance for HBA members in career transition . ...
If I’m accepted into the program but am not an HBA member, can I still participate?
Once you are accepted into the program, both mentees and mentors must become an HBA member and remain a member throughout the program.
I live in the US but want a 1:1 mentoring experience. Can I apply to the EU program?
Yes! You can apply for the EU program.
I live in Europe but want a group experience. Can I apply to the US program?
Yes, but realize if the HBA returns to allowing face-to-face meetings, it will be difficult for you to participate in those unless you have regular travel to the region to which you apply. Keep time zone differences in mind as well. 
I live in Canada, which program should I apply to?
You could apply to Europe (1:1) or NY/NJ (group) regional program.
I live outside EU, Canada and the US. Can I be part of the mentoring program?
Yes, please email to discuss options.