Posting discussions to the HBA Community

To participate in discussions in the HBA Community:

  1. If you are posting in the “Member Forum” click the link on the community navigation bar. If you are posting in another community click "Communities" then choose"My Communities" and selecting the community to you are planning to post the content in. 
    • From here, you can browse discussions, shared files and the membership list.
  2. To add your own discussion, click the green “Post New Message” button in the discussion section.
    •  In accordance with the HBA Community etiquette policy, please keep topics relevant to the HBA mission and refrain from posting commercial messages. Job opportunities should be posted in the HBA career center instead of the Community.
  3. You can read an existing discussion by clicking the topic title.
    • For each post, you can choose to respond publicly to the discussion or reply directly to the sender through a message, by clicking on “Reply to Discussion” or by clicking the arrow icon and selecting “Reply to Sender.”