Posting a resume on the Career Center

The HBA Career Center is a great place to look for opportunities and post your resume. Many of our corporate partners post open jobs and have access to your resumes.

Please explore your options here: HBA Career Center

1. To post a resume or create a profile, you will need to register on the site by going to

2. Please fill in the username, password and the additional required fields. Then select Register. 

3. If you already have an account in the system please sign in with your account username and password at

4. Once signed in you will see the job seeker dashboard. This is where you can add and edit your profile. 

5. To post resume, please select Post Resume and then My Resumes in the menu bar. 

6. On this page select Upload and upload a document or copy and paste text. Name the resume and then select if you want to have this resume searchable in the resume database. 

7. Then select Add Resume. You can add as many resumes as necessary and adjust the privacy settings to accommodate each one.