Once I enroll, where do I find program resources?

The HBA Mentoring program uses a mentoring platform called Qooper.

Qooper provides mentors, mentees, and connectors with:

  • Lessons and learnings to further discussions or assist you with coming up with discussion topics.
  • A means to schedule meeting times with your group or pair. It also integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams for ease of meeting.
  • Networks to meet all mentees or all mentors in your region, along with other special interest groups like Women of Color, Women in Science, etc. You can start discussions, ask questions, and build your network with other like-minded individuals.
  • News - Mentoring Committee leaders will share important dates and milestones here.
  • Events - We'll post important information on the mid-year event, and other important events coming up.
  • Surveys - checkpoints to let us know how the program is going.
  • The ability to provide feedback to your mentor or mentee. 

Training is provided at the start of the program. We also have many self-help articles, which can be accessed in our Resource Center.