Mobile App - Push Notifications

Supported push notifications

The Community mobile app supports three types of push notifications:

Contact requests

  • You receive a request to connect from another user
  • Another user accepts your contact request

@ mentions

  • You're mentioned in a discussion
  • You're mentioned in a question
  • You're mentioned in an answer

Direct message

  • You receive a direct message in your inbox from another user

View your notifications

All of your push notifications are stored for future reference. To access them, tap the bell icon at the top right of the Feed.

TIP: New notifications are indicated by a red dot on the bell icon.


On the Notifications page, your notifications are listed in the order they were received, from newest to oldest.

  • New notifications are indicated with a shaded background and a circle to the right.
  • Notifications you've read have a solid white background.


TIP: Tap Mark All Read to quickly clear your new notifications.

Turn ON/OFF push notifications

While you can turn push notifications ON/OFF anytime, you cannot control which push notifications you receive and which you don't. In other words, it's an "all or nothing" proposition.

Also, there's no way to turn push notifications ON/OFF natively within the app; rather, it's done directly via your device's notification settings. While the exact steps are device-dependent, generally speaking, you'll need to:

  1. Access your device's app manager.
  2. Locate and select the Connected Community app.
  3. Manage the Connect Community app's notification settings.
  4. Turn ON/OFF these notifications, as desired.