Mobile App - Interact with Feed Content

The Feed is the heart of the mobile experience; it's where you go to view all the latest content from your peers, and contribute your own.

In this article, we'll learn the various ways you can interact with Feed content. 

View the Feed

Tap the Feed icon at the bottom left of the screen.


By default, the Feed shows the latest content across every community you belong to, including:

  • events,
  • discussions,
  • library entries,
  • announcements,
  • questions,
  • and blog posts.

TIP: Check out this article to learn how to search and filter the Feed.

Interact with content

As you're browsing the Feed, you'll likely find content you want to explore further or interact with in some way. Let's take a look at the various ways this can be done.

View content

To keep Feed content manageable, text is truncated to a maximum number of characters. Tap a piece of content's text or Read More link to view its full page.


NOTE: All content types are viewed and interacted with in-app, except for blog posts, which are externally linked out to your full community site.

TIP: Tap a member's picture or name to view their profile. From there, you can send a connection request and even write them a message.

Interact with content in the Feed

The table below outlines how you can interact with content in the Feed. Keep in mind all of these interactions are also possible on their individual pages.




  • Thumbs up - Tap to "like" the content.
  • Speech bubble - Tap to view the full discussion thread. From there, you can write a reply, as well as like and respond to existing replies.



  • Raise hand - Tap to receive email updates about future activity. This is a great way to follow questions you're interested in learning the answer to.
  • Speech bubble - Tap to view the full question and answer thread. From there, you can write an answer, as well as like existing answers.




  • Thumbs up - Tap to "like" the content.
  • Attachment - This icon only indicates how many attachments the Library Entry has. To download attachments, tap their individual links in the content section above (or view the full Entry page).
  • Speech bubble - Tap to view the comment section for the Library Entry. From there, you can read existing comments and write your own.



  • Add to Calendar - Tap to add the event to your personal calendar. You'll be prompted whether to give Higher Logic access to your personal calendar apps. If you have multiple apps, choose which one to add the calendar event to and follow the prompts.



Feed-AnnouncementContentActions.pngAnnouncements are simply text content, and are unique in that there's no way to interact with them. Tap Read More to view the full announcement on its page.



  • Thumbs up - Tap to "like" the content.
  • Speech bubble - Tap to view any blog comments and write your own. This functions differently to the other content types in that you'll be navigated out of the mobile app to your full community site.