General Expectations

This is a mentee-driven program.
What does this mean exactly? Mentees will take charge of the discussions and agendas. This does require some prep work and thought - but this role reversal ensures that mentees get the most out of the experience, while they flex their leadership skills in a safe environment. 

Mentees set their goals at the beginning of the program; mentors (as well as other members of the mentoring group) help mentees make progress toward achieving their goals.

  • Applicants must register and complete their matching survey by the deadline to be considered for the program.
  • All mentors and mentees participate in training/orientation and the kick-off event.
  • Mentoring pairs and groups work together over the course of approximately eight months, meeting at least once per month to help mentees make progress toward their goals.
    • To the degree possible, each mentoring group is made up of two mentors and four-five mentees.
    • Each mentoring group determines its own rules/expectations and establishes its own meeting format and schedule.
    • Mentoring groups are matched by a common area of interest/focus, developmental area or type of goal.
  • At the end of the program, mentees assess the progress they made toward their goals and consider how to continue to leverage/apply what they’ve learned.