My company has sponsored HBA events but is not listed as a Corporate Partner, why is this?

There are a number of different ways companies can support the HBA. Here is a brief overview of the ways your company may be involved:                                              

  • Corporate Partner: Companies can choose different levels of Corporate Partnership, all of which include various benefits. These packages include discounted membership rates for employeesContact us for more information on becoming a Corporate Partner.

  • Corporate sponsor: In addition to Corporate Partnership, there are a number of opportunities for companies to sponsor HBA-wide flagship events such as the Woman of the Year event and Annual Conference. Note: These sponsorships are specific to the event in question and do not include discounted membership rates for employees. Contact us for more information on sponsoring corporate events.

  • Chapter sponsor: Often companies will choose to host or otherwise sponsor events at the local level.  Note: Local chapter sponsorship options do not include discounted membership rates for employees. For more information on being a chapter sponsor, please contact the corporate relations director at large for your local chapter.