Program-Specific FAQs


Where do I find more information about the mentoring programs on the HBA website?  
Who is my point of contact for the program?
Each region has a mentoring leadership team. Emails for the mentoring leadership team can be found on the region’s registration page . ...
If my circle or mentor aren’t working out for me once I’m assigned, can I change?
This question should be directed to your regional mentoring leaders who will work with you on a mutually acceptable solution.
If I relocate during the program, can I change regions?
If the mentoring circles or 1:1 teams have not yet been assigned, you may ask to be moved to a different region. Please request the move from the regional leaders of the region you applied to so they can communicate with the region you are moving to...
Will there ever be any face-to-face meetings?
Until further notice, no HBA-related face-to-face events of any kind will be permitted.
I applied for the program and it’s past the time that I should have been notified, what should I do?
Please contact your regional mentoring leadership team by email.
What if I can’t make the dates for the mandatory events such as the mentee orientation, mentor training or kick-off?
It is extremely important that you plan your calendar to be present (even virtually) for the live events. Non-attendance could be grounds for replacement. If you cannot attend one of the mandatory events, please contact your regional mentoring leade...
How does the matching process work for the US programs?
There are many factors that go into the matching process including: geography, mentee goals, company diversity and functional area diversity.