HBA Branch Interest

Thank you for your interest in starting a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) branch in your location!

What is an HBA Branch?

A branch is a startup HBA location in a new geography. To maximize HBA value to individuals in the area, branches hold at least four (4) networking events per year. They also provide consistent engagement, activity, and discussions in the online HBA Community.

What are the benefits to the volunteer leaders involved?

Our HBA volunteers have found tremendous benefits to their professional and personal growth, so they keep coming back for more! We look forward to sharing their perspectives and tips with you as you go on this journey. As a start, you can anticipate these benefits:

  • Expand network outside of company and professional community
  • Gain new skills and experience: Opportunities to develop and improve business acumen skills outside of the workplace. Discover new skills and competencies to grow within personal and professional life.
  • Unique opportunities to develop your leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment with the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • Enhance internal company offerings and opportunities
  • Access to HBA resources to enhance networking and learning opportunities
  • Build a lasting community of leaders in your geography by creating new opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing.

What are the requirements to initiate Branch consideration?

  1. At least three (3) volunteer leaders willing to champion the effort locally, being self-sufficient, and supporting their own activities with guidance from the HBA. We recommend having a cross-company leadership team, where the branch leaders are each from different companies. This allows the greatest amount of diversity of networks, ideas, and potential sponsorship for future events you design. 
  2. At least two (2) HBA Corporate Partner sites should be located here to ensure a strong potential member base. (If you are unsure, we can help verify this after submission of the link below.)
  3. The volunteer team submits a request for consideration via this link. Once approved, we will have an onboarding meeting with you to provide more information and answer any questions.

We are so excited about your interest in expanding our United Force for Change!