Table management and adding guest information for your WOTY table

Table managers are the individuals listed to manage guests at a table if your company has bought a table. As a manager, you are responsible for entering the first name, last name, company, and emails of the for the ten guests at your table(s). By providing HBA with this information we will be able to send a personalized barcode to each guest to expedite badge pick up at the event, this will also ensure we have their name at the door in case they misplace their ticket. Upon arrival at the event, guests will be able to scan their barcode from their smartphone or a printed copy. 

If table managers chose to not provide guest information you will receive an email with the barcode for each open seat. Table managers will be responsible for distribution to the guests attending the event. 

Confirmed registrations may substitution their registration by 18 April 2018. A completed substitution form must be received in writing via email to no later than 18 April 2018. After 18 April 2018, all registration substitutions must be made on-site at the HBA Woman of the Year registration desk.


Dietary restrictions

If any guests at your table(s) have dietary restrictions email with the guests name and the dietary restriction no later than 18 April 2018. We will make a note and work to accommodate them at the event. When they arrive at the event they simply just need to remind the server of their dietary restriction and the server will accommodate. 


How to enter your guest information: 

To manage your table(s), seats and guest information ensure you are logged in, then visit your HBA profile by clicking My HBA then in your profile on the left navigation select My WOTY.

Click on the table row to manage the table’s seats.

Each table has 10 seats so 10 rows will show (as seen below) until the update button is selected and guest information entered. You may return to this table management tool as many times as you’d like until 25 April 2018 to make edit these details.

If a guest happens to change after 25 April 2018, forward the barcode that belonged to the guest no longer attending to the guest who is now attending. They will be able to adjust the badge name and details onsite.